Wimasol Solar

Reliable Solar Backup and Off Grid Energy

Enjoy the network that knits families together with fast internet and unforgettable moments.

Internet Services

We are one of the fastest growing Information Technology Company in Kenya since 2018 specializing in Internet Service Provider(ISP).

Wimasol has invested heavily to ensure its customers can access fast, reliable internet in Kisii. It is one of the best internet service providers in kisii covering Mwembe, Jogoo, Menyinkwa, Milimani, Getare, Nyaura, Egesa, Mailimbili and Nyankongo.

When we say Unlimited, we really mean it! Wimasol Network is the only network that gives you uncapped internet 


Connecting you to the world

Wimasol Networks connects business, institution and homes in Kisii, to the Internet. Using high-performance wireless technology, Wimasol Networks vision is to connect Kisii with affordable, reliable Wi-Fi, bridging the digital divide and creating opportunities for all. meeting and even superseding their requirements. Our solutions are designed to meet client’s strategic, tactical and operational business needs.

Why Wimasol Networks?

Wimasol Networks has become the best in internet service provider because we have embraced the following:-

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